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Xtreme application area

Hotels, restaurants (in- and outdoor), spa, gyms, conservatories, terraces, ships, ferry boats, yachts, airports, trains, airplanes, theatres, museums, public areas, sport stadiums, health care facilities, ... XTREME OUTDOOR is only authentic with the X recurring on the backside of the leather!


Martindale rub resistance (DIN EN ISO 5470-2)
Tensile test (DIN EN ISO 1421)        excellen
Tear propagation strength (DIN 53356) in N excellen
Flex resistance behavior (DIN 53351) 30,000 flex. operations without changes passed
Cold crack resistance at -10 °C (DIN EN 1876-1)         superato
Sweat fastness (DIN EN ISO 105-E04) excellen (max. mark)
Seawater resistance (DIN EN ISO 105-E02) excellen (max. mark)
Rub fastness (DIN EN ISO 105-X12) excellen (max. mark)
Martindale rub resistance (DIN EN ISO 5470-2) excellen
Light fastness (DIN EN ISO 105-B02) excellen
Soiling behavior (ISO 26082)           excellen
Water/alcohol droplet test excellen (max. mark)
Oil repellence test excellen (max. mark)
Adhesion (IUF 470/ISO 11644)        > 2,5N/10 mm
Antibacterial > 99,9% excellen

DIN EN 1021 part 1+2; ISO 8191-1; BS 5852 source 3; California TB 117 (Draft 02/2002)
Other standards such as BS 5852 crib V, IMO and other upon request

Xtreme low maintenance

>Xtreme low maintenance Xtreme outdoor is easily cleanable with lukewarm water and a micro fiber cloth. Do not use solvents, chlorides, and polishing agents, chemical cleaning agents or waxing agents. It is highly recommended to use Xtreme outdoor cleaning agents quarterly as instructed.








XTREME distribution

Xtreme outdoor is a registered product by Boxmark, exclusive distributor for Italy by VANPEL s.r.l.