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This leather service set is suitable for all smooth leather, however it is not suitable for nubuck and velour leather.
Every three months, use the LEATHER CLEANER to clean the entire surface of the leather or remove fresh staining of a watery nature as follows: first carefully remove the coarse dirt with a clean cloth towards the centre of the spot, and then clean a large area with the leather cleaner. Don’t rub too strongly, but only work over large areas! Afterwards, let the leather dry well.
After drying, put the LEATHER CREAM on a clean, soft cloth and apply it to the leather with light, circular movements. Don’t apply the cream directly to the leather otherwise it could damage the leather. Allow it to dry and then lightly re-polish it using circular movements. Wait approximately 15 minutes before polishing. Let the leather that was treated with the cream dry at least 3 hours before using it again.  BOXMARK LEATHER CREAM protects your leather against drying out and further staining. We recommend using it 2 to 4 times per year.

What is important for preserving the value of your leather chairs?
• First, check the compatibility of the leather service set on a concealed part of the leather.
• If at all possible, avoid long periods of direct sunlight on the leather.
• If the leather does get dirty, never rub hard, but carefully remove the dirt towards the centre of the spot and then use the leather cleaner to clean a larger area.
• If the LEATHER CLEANER no longer helps for specific, heavy staining, contact your dealer, who will recommend a leather cleaning company.
• Clean dust off the leather frequently with a soft, dry woolen cloth using light circular movements.

Never use other leather cleaners, chemicals, household cleaners, or aggressive cleaners. They will only damage the leather.