Tannery Boxmark
  • Ecological Certification
  • Quality certification
  • Quality Control

Boxmark is certified DIN EN ISO 9001

  • for the production and development of automotive and furniture leather.
La Boxmark è certificata DIN EN ISO 9001

Boxmark is certified ISO TS 16949-2002

The ISO TS 16949 is the harmonization of technical standards for suppliers of automotive industries   and its purpose / objectives are:

  • Develop a quality management system that provides continuous improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and reduction of changes and waste in the suppliers chain.
  • Avoid multiple visits for certification and provide a common approach to a quality management system for automotive production and its suppliers of spare parts.
La Boxmark è certificata ISO TS 16949-2002

The BOXMARK leathers are subjected to various laboratory tests in order to certify consistent and durable quality over time. Following tests are provided for every quality report on each produced batch: Determination of the rub fastness (Abrasion) Test performed according to DIN EN ISO 11640

Determination of solidity to artificial light (xenon lamp)
Test performed according to DIN EN ISO 105-B 02

Measurement of the tensile and tear strength,
Tests performed according to DIN 53329

 Misura del carico di strappo, resistenza alla trazione
Test eseguito secondo la norma
DIN 53329

Determination of the adhesion of finish
Tests performed according to IUF 470 / ISO 11644

Flexing endurance
Test performed according to DIN 53351

Test Report